A gallery of custom Mr. Potatoheads from movies, video games, TV and pop culture.

A little bit of clay and some imagination go a long way.

Finished Mr. Potatoheads (click thumbnail to view)

Mr.Potatoheads finished

1: Punk Potatohead
2: Mr.T (Mr.P)
3: Clockwork Orange (Clockwork Potato)
4: Marv from Sin City (Spud City)
5: Robocop (Robospud)
6: Shrek Potatohead
7. Yoda Potatohead
8: Frankenstein (Frankentater)
9: Rambo
10: Jason (Fryday the 13th)
11: Bender (Futurama)
12. Hellboy (Spudboy)
13: Dr. Zoidberg (Dr Spudberg)
14. Spiderman (Spuderman)
15. Nacho Libre (Nachooo Potato)
16. Blue man Group (Blue Spud Group)
17. The Tick (The Spud)
18. The Hulk
19. Captain America (Captain Potatohead)
20. Homer Simpson (The Spudsoms)
21. Garfield (Garfield the Spud)
22. Taxi Driver (Spud Driver)
23. Yellow M&M (Yellow Potato Head)
24. Luigi from Mario Bros. (Luigi Potato Head)
25. Mike from Monsters Inc. (Potatoes Inc)
26. Yellow Bride Kill Bill (Kill Dill)
27. The Flash
28. Scream Mask
29. The Phantom (The Spud Who Walks)
30. Astro Boy (Astro Spud)
31. Darth Maul
32. Dragonball P: Piccolo (Dragonball Z)
33. Jigsaw's Spud Puppet from Saw
Planned Potatoes:

Wolverine (X-Spud)
Iron Man (Iron Spud)
Indiana Jones
Terminator (Potatonater)
Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Captain Jack Sparrow (Capt. Spud Sparrow)
Where's Wally / Waldo
Hokuto Shinken (Spud of the North Star)
Captain Picard
Ghengis Khan
Hulk Hogan
Inspector Gadget
Sponge Bob Aquarepants (Spud Bob)
Mystique (X-Spud)
Tomb Raider (Lara Spud)
Bert & Ernie
Red Imperial Guard (Star Wars)
Super Dave/Evil Keniville
The Punisher
Hannibal Lector
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Q: How long do they take to make?
A: Between 1-7 hrs. Spuderman and Kill Dill took the longest due to the fine lines and hair. Other like Blue Man Group are very easy.

Q: Can I buy one?
A: In short not really. Many of the spuds were torn down to make new ones. Also the modelling clay only sets hard when fired in an oven. The Mr.Potatohead plastic will melt in an oven so they remain very fragile. I didn't really think it through when I started.

Q: What clay do you use?
A: Belgrave Modelling Clay. It's cheap $3.75 for a 500g bar and comes in heaps of colours. I tried Fimo but it doesnt feel as nice and the colours don't blend as well. The RoboSpud one was done in silver Fimo.

Q: What's your studio look like?
A: I do all these in my dining room. It's a mess. Here's a photo of all the crap i have collected as part of doing this.

My Mr. Potato Head Junk

Q: What tools do you use?
A: My hands, Google images and a plastic clay knife I got for $1. Before I had the knife I used to cut the clay with a credit card.

Q: Have you approached Hasbro about these?
A: Yes but I havent heard back from them. I'm hoping I don't get told to take them down.

Q: Can I suggest one?
A: Sure email me at ash [at] mrpotatomash [dot] com

Q: How do you fund this complete waste of time?
A: Creative wise I'm a founder of Soap Creative, I also own Bannerblog.

My personal blog TheSlipperyTruffle is updated occasionaly and we just started a CD cover design blog called Sleevage. Oh and I look after Earthwallpapers. Phew
Last updated: 22 October 2007
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Darth Maul Spud Apprent Jigsaw's Potato Puppet from Saw  Dragonball P: Piccolo Darth Maul Spud Apprentice: Mr Potatohead Yellow M&M (Yellow Potato Head) Taxi Driver (Spud Driver) Kill Dill Astrospud POTATO SCREAM! Phantom: The Spud Who Walks Luigi (Luigi Potato Head) Mike (Potatoes Inc)Captain America (Captain Potato Head)Garfield (Garfield the Spud)The Tick (The Spud) Nacho Libre (Nachooo Potato) Homer (The Spudsoms)Blue man Group (Blue Spud Group) Jason (Fryday the 13th) v2 Spiderman (Spuderman) The Flash Hellboy (Spudboy) Dr. Zoidberg (Dr Spudberg) Bender Rambo The Hulk Frankenstein (Frankentater) Yoda v2 Shrek Robocop (Robospud) Marv from Sin City (Spud City) Mr.T (Mr.P) Clockwork Orange (Clockwork Potato)Punk